Aspen Heitz is a minor character from the film, Trolls. He is voiced by Ricky Dillon.


From an early age, Aspen Heitz has lived up to his name by climbing to the highest peaks of the trees throughout Troll Town.

Always on the move, he’s often spotted skitterboarding through the foliage – unless he’s taking a break for hug time!


Aspen Heitz is a orange troll with long, bright green sticking up hair. He has red eyes and a bright pink nose. Aspen Heitz wears a blue outfit with a strap that has green stripes on it. He also wears a bracelet that is the same color as his nose.



It is said that Aspen Heitz is friends with all of the Caterbugs.

Fun Facts

  • He is ​close friends with all of the caterbugs who live on top of trees.
  • Aspen Heitz knows the fastest tree-chute shortcuts around Troll Town.
  • He invented the skitterboard trick known as “the double rainbow”.


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