Barnebis is Prince Gristle's pet and a former supporting antagonist of Trolls. He is voiced by Mike Mitchell. He is ruthless, murderous, dangerous, lonesome, cranky, evil, feral, aggressive, wrathful, wild, bitter and savage. But Later Nice Kind Friendly And Happy. He likes being alone, King Gristle, sadness (Formerly) Happiness (Currently) and eating Trolls (Formerly). He dislikes the Snack Pack (Formerly), Trolls (Formerly), Poppy (Formerly), glitter being blind Sadness (Currently) Eating Trolls (Currently) Happiness (Formerly)


Barnabas appears to be a hybrid of a crocodile, a stereotypical Doberman and a komodo dragon. In the beginning of the movie he was a pup and by the end he appears to be fully grown. Barnabas made his first appearance when Prince Gristle was talking to his father about happiness. He has then seen again when King Gristle Jr. was saying that he was his only friend then again when Gristle was working out. He chased the Trolls out of the bedroom and down the hall after being blinded with glitter and tripping before consuming the gem and supposedly Creek. He later appears at the Trollstice celebration and in Trolls Holiday.


  • Mike Mitchell recorded his growls for one minute.
  • In the recording for King Gristle, Barnebis bit King Gristle Jr.'s finger after he said he was his only friend.