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Creek is the hidden secondary antagonist of the movie, Trolls. He is voiced by Russell Brand.


Creek has a serene, Zen-like state of mind. Like most trolls, he is positive, excitable and deeply dislikes "bad vibes". His personality, from the mellow English accent and belief of things such as "auras", indicate he was based off a hippy. 

However to everyone's surprise - including Creek himself - when under extreme stress he shows that he actually isn't as cool-headed as he seems; with his life at stake, his true nature is a treacherous, selfish coward to his core. Creek outwardly admits that he doesn't want to die and is willing to betray his entire species so that he is the only one to survive. It's unknown to what extent Creek felt remorse for these actions. He says to Poppy that he would have to live with the guilt of his betrayal for the rest of his life; by killing her she was dying with a clean conscience that he envied and sparing her the pain of having to make a choice like Creek did. However, when falsely luring the trolls outside of their fortress he shrugged slightly, implying that he felt no regret for his betrayal and would do it again to save his own life. 

Before his betrayal, Creek seemed to lack a villainous nature hinting that his betrayal came out of a pathetic sense of self-preservation rather than lingering malice or an antagonistic streak. However, through his interactions with Branch, he was somewhat condescending for the grey troll's pessimistic attitude and encouraged him to be a more positive person, implying his state of serenity made him arrogant to those who didn't share this mindset.


Creek is a purple troll that has blue, teal and green long straight hair. He has thick blue eyebrows and a peach colored nose. Creek wears greenish colored trousers that has been sewn with darker green thread.


Princess Poppy

At the start of the Trolls movie Princess Poppy and Creek are very close friends. Princess Poppy trusts and cares about him a lot and feels deeply worried about Creek and her other friends when they are captured by Chef, the nasty Bergen. Although she is worried, she is also hopeful that they will be okay until she gets there and can bring them home. Though it turns out that Creek was taken to be eaten by Prince Gristle. All the other Trolls believe that he is dead, but Princess Poppy does not and is determine to find him. It turns out that Creek was actually the one who told Chef where the Trolls were.


Branch and Creek are enemies and they both dislike each other a lot. Branch doesn't trust him, and Branch tries to tell Princess Poppy that he isn't what she thinks he is like but Princess Poppy doesn't listen to him.


At the start of the movie the cruel Chef captures Creek and many other trolls. Chef decides to feed Creek to Prince Gristle, however Creek betrays the Trolls by telling Chef where the Trolls are.

Fun Facts

  • He always knows what to say to cheer up others.
  • His freckles are made of glitter.
  • When he sings, other Trolls listen.
  • Somehow Creek always manages to steal the spotlight and be the center of attention.


  • Creek replaced the character Miss Guffin, due to the Miss Guffin character getting deleted.


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