Grandmas Rosiepuff is a deceased character from the film, Trolls. She is voiced by GloZell.


Grandma Rosiepuff keeps young trolls safe so they can learn to let their true colors shine!


Grandma Rosiepuff is a old looking purple troll with long turquoise hair that has been styled. She has a turquoise colored nose and lips. Her eyes are also turquoise and she seems to have very long eyelashes. Grandma Rosiepuff wears a cream colored dress and a long magenta waistcoat that seems to have been knitted. On the edges of the waistcoat it is pink and on the waistcoat there are tiny sparkly pink hearts.



Grandma Rosiepuff is Branch's grandmother. One day when Branch was a child he was singing very loudly and a bergen hears him and was going to take him. Grandma Rosiepuff then sees this and shouts at Branch to run, however as Branch is singing loudly he can't hear her, so she pushes Branch out of the way. The Bergen then takes Grandma Rosiepuff and eats her.

Fun Facts

  • Grandma Rosiepuff is ​possibly the most patient troll ever.
  • She's surprisingly strong and fast from chasing after crawling troll babies.
  • Her soothing songs can lull even the fussiest troll into a calming nap.


  • Grandma Rosiepuff design was actually meant to be Miss Guffin's design, however the character, Miss Guffin was deleted.
  • In the UK release of Trolls, Grandma Rosiepuff is voiced by English presenter Susanna Reid.


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