King Gristle Sr. (née Prince Gristle Sr.) was the King of the Bergens and a minor antagonist in Trolls. He is voiced by John Cleese.


King Gristle is awoken on the day of Trollstice (the one day when Bergens can Feel happy by eating a troll) by his toddler son Prince Gristle, who is getting excited for his first taste of troll. However, the trolls, led by their leader King Peppy, escape Bergen Town. Angered, King Gristle blames Chef for this and banishes her from Bergen Town. That night, Prince Gristle asks his father what will make him happy now, to which the King picks him up and sadly says nothing will.

20 years later, an adult Gristle Jr. is now king of the Bergens, leaving it unknown what became of King Gristle Sr. afterwards. Despite his absence, the former King is mentioned at times by his son.


King Gristle Sr. has dual responsibilities: leading the fickle, easily distracted Bergens and raising his only son, Gristle Junior, whose primary mission in life is to get his first taste of a Troll


King Gristle Sr. is an ugly, dark green bergen with some gray hair on his head and all over his body, a gray uni-brow, and some grey stub of hair on his chin. He wears a purple cape with fur on it, a red violet jacket, red violet trousers, yellow flip-flops, and a gold crown on his head. When sleeping he wears brown checkered Pajamas with dark brown spots on them.


Prince Gristle

Prince Gristle is King Gristle's only son and next heir to the royal throne of the Bergens. He appears to care about his son very much and was looking forward to seeing him eating his first Troll. After the Trolls escape, the King Gristle Sr sadly told his son that nothing would make him happy now.


  • King Gristle still holds the Bergen Town record for most orange soda swallowed in one sitting — 27 liters.
  • John Cleese recorded all his lines in one day.


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