The Satin and Chenille Style Set is a set of two figures based on Satin and Chenille, from the animated film, Trolls.

Official Description

"Linked together by the loop of brightly colored hair they share, DreamWorks Trolls Satin and Chenille are the most fashion-forward members in town! It's fun to dress these adorable twins in their glitzy, high-fashion outfits and accessories with this set. It comes with DreamWorks Trolls Satin and Chenille figures and removable fashions for them to wear, including earrings and shoes. Clip the ends of their colorful hair together with a barrette to join them, and style their hair with the Fuzzy Flair material. Get ready for dress-up fashion fun!" [1]


  • Style their hair with Fuzzy Flair material.
  • More than ten fashion pieces included.
  • Includes two figures with fashion accessories.