The Bergen Cooks were four cooks who used work for Chef.

Role in the film

In the beginning when the Bergens were about to celebrate Trollstyice, the Bergen cooks aided their boss Chef in putting on a brief show but it was eventually discovered that the Trolls had escaped and King Gristle Sir. banished their boss Chef. 20 years later when Chef returned with a number of trolls, the cooks helped prepare for Trollstice, When Creek helped lure the rest of the trolls out of hiding, Chef and the bergen cooks capture them all and store them in their fanny pack. They then pour the trolls in a large pot and then prepare for dinner but after Bridget frees the trolls, Poppy and the her friends reveal to the bergen's that they can be happy without eating trolls and after their boss chef is knocked into the pot and sent rolling out of bergen town, the four bergen cooks sing and dance to the troll tree with all the other bergen and trolls.