The Pot is where Chef and her Cooks trapped the Trolls while preparing for Trollstice.

After Chef and her cooks successfully capture the trolls (with the help of Creek), they dump them all into a large cooking pot, where The Snack Pack were already stuck in. Inside King Peppy is glad that Poppy is alive, but Poppy speaks sarcastically and reveals that she has lost her hope (much to the shock and horror of the other trolls). With their hopes gone, the trolls lost their happiness and turn gray. While in the pot the Hug-Time Bracelets go off, Branch offers Poppy a hug, but she was too sad for a hug and refused, meanwhile Bridget was listing to them from outside the pot until Chef orders her to bring the trolls to the dinning room.

Eventually Branch, despite his usual pessimism, sings in order to restore their hopes and in doing so reveals to Poppy that he loves her, Poppy reciprocates his feelings and they sing True Colors, restoring the hopes and colors of the other trolls. After they share a hug, Poppy thanks Branch for lifting their spirits but Branch thanks her and revels that he has finally found his happiness, thanks to her. Bridget then frees them from the pot and tells them to run.