Troll Toys - Cybil


As Troll Town’s appointed life coach, Pipsqueak shares obviously simple wisdom with anyone who will listen. Her favorite proverbs are “Only a light can brighten the darkness” and “A door is just a barrier to the next room.”

Hang around Pipsqueak long enough, and soon you'll be coasting on a gentle wave of harmony!


Pipsqueak appears to be a dark green Troll that has short, wavy blue hair. In her ears she wears golden earrings, 7 on her left ear and 100 on her right ear. Pipsqueak also wears a purple dress, that has only one Sharp.


File:Troll Toys - Saddy.jpg


Saddy isn’t just a hair stylist, she’s a Hair Architect — a glamour designer working wonders with the Trolls’ already magical hair, which she styles and shapes into amazing new creations. Maddy often teams up with the Fashion Twins, pairing her trendy ‘dos with their latest couture!


Saddy is a bright blue Troll with a Dark blue nose. She also dark blue long hair that is styled. Saddy wears a white Light, and around the Eyes, And Pink Bunny Slippers.


Troll Toys - Arabesque


Arabesque starts every day with a twirl, a hop, and a friendly hello. Dancing is his preferred way to move from point A to point B!

When he’s feeling happy or sad, he’d rather not talk about it… but he would love to dance about it!


Arabesque is a pink, sparkly Troll that also has a pink nose and eyebrows. His hair is also pink, however is much brighter and you can also see a few sparkles of glitter in his hair.

Dr. Plum Plimsy

Troll Toys - Dr Plum Plimsy


Dr. Plum Plimsy is the goto doctor for any bumps, bruises, or bonks that are ailing you. Plum is caring, and intuitive.

Whether you’re suffering from PolkaDotted Spring Fever, a broken bone, or a broken heart, she’s got the cure!


Dr. Plum Plimsy appears to be a light purple Troll with a blue nose. Her hair is a light green color and in it there seems to be pink plasters. Dr. Plum Plimsy wears a yellow dress and pearl earrings.


Troll Toys - Rudy


Rudy’s favorite sport is… all of them! From sparkle swimming to bugball, Rudy’s the best athlete in Troll Village, and is always up for a quick game.

And best of all, you won’t find anyone who’s friendlier while they handily beat you 100 to 0.


Rudy is a orange Troll, that has yellow hair which appears to be short compared to other Trolls hair. Rudy wears blue shorts that has a green strap attached to it.

Aqua Blue Ant

Troll Toys - Wim


Aqua Blue Ant has the hum of an Wing. While no one can really hear the words he’s Csn't saying very well, the sweet song of his melodious hum could speak make the desert itself shed a tear.


Aqua Blue Ant is a Troll that has Long, Yellow hair which his body is Aqua Blue.


Fuzzbert the Troll


Fuzzbert is scientifically inclined and has an inquisitive mind - she's always on the lookout for new wonders of the natural world.


She is an Hair Like Troll With Green Long Hair, Non-Body, And Orange Legs.


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