Closing Credits

Directed by

Mike Mitchell


Walt Dohrn

Produced by

Gina Shay, p.g.a

Screenplay by

Jonathan Aibel

Glenn Berger

Story by

Erica Rivinoja

Executive Producer

Dannie Festa


Holly Edward

Jonathan Aibel

Glenn Berger

Based on the Good Luck Trolls created by

Thomas Dan

Executive Music Producer

Justin Timberlake

Original Score by

Christophe Beck


Anna Kendrick

Justin Timberlake

Zooey Deschanel

Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Christine Baranski

Russell Brand

James Corden

Jeffrey Tambor

John Cleese

Gwen Stefani


Nick Fletcher

Head of Story

Joel Crawford

Production Designer

Kendal Cronkhite-Shaindlin

Visual Effects Supervisor

Philippe Denis

Head of Character Animation

David Burgess

Head of Layout

Yong Duk Jhun

Art Director

Timothy Lamb

Digital Supervisors


Yancy Lindquist


Mark Fattibene

Producer Managers

Kelly Cooney Cilella

Jon Eric Schmidt

Virendra Chauhan

Animation Supervisors

Prashanth Cavale

Mark Donald

Antony Gray

John Hill

Jason Reisig

Benjamin Willis

Head of Lighting

Mark Fattibene

Lighting Supervisors

Murali Babu Kodiparthi

David C. Lawson

Igor Lodeiro

M. Scott McKee

Raju Vaidya

Supervising Technical Director

TJ Jackson

Modeling Supervisors

Charles Castrillo Ellison

Josh West

Surfacing Supervisor

Lisa Slates Connors

Character Technical Director Supervisor

Sandy Kao

Head of Effects

Yancy Lindquist

Character Effects Supervisor

Damon Riesberg

Final Layout Supervisor

James Ryan Peterson

Crowds Supervisor

James Thornton

Matte Painting Supervisor

Pamela Hobbs


Baren Calac

Image Finaling Supervisor

Cassandra Fanning

Supervising Sound Editors/Sound Designers

Ethan Van der Ryn

Erik Aadahl

Re-Recording Mixtures

Rick Kline

Myron Nettinga

Music Supervisors

Julia Michels

Julianne Jordan

Casting by

Leslee Feldman

Christi Soper Hilt

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