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Trolls were a race of small creatures seen in the movie Trolls.

The Trolls were the happiest creaturs who loved to sing, dance and hug. They used to live in the Troll Tree but when the Bergens noticed how happy the Trolls were, they decided to eat the Trolls to steal that happiness. They then put the Troll Tree inside a cage and started a tradition called Trollstice whear they would gather around the Troll Tree and eat the Trolls to be happy. But during one particulate Trollstice, King Peppy led his subjects to dig an escape tunnle which they used to escape Bergen Town. Once they were far enough away from the Bergens, the trolls founded a new village were they resumed living in an almost perpetual state of happiness.

Troll Culture

Troll Characteristics

Trolls are small creatures with hair that can outstretch. If trolls are born as twins their hair will be joined together (as seen in Satin and Chenille). Some trolls also cover themselfs in glitter while being naked (like Guy Diamond). Some trolls are also born with four legs and a long neck (as seen in Cooper ). In rare cases, a troll may be made entirely out of hair (like Fuzzbert) Trolls come in all different kinds of colors but if they lose their happiness, they lose their color and turn gray (as seen when Branch's grandmother was killed and when the trolls were trapped in the pot) but if their happiness is restored they regain their colors and if they are happy enough, can even glow a little.

Troll Abilities

The trolls have the ability to outstretch their hair to use as an extra limb for hanging from trees, for camouflage (as seen when Poppy used her hair to hide her and her father from Chef) or even to make light ( as seen when Poppy used her hair to seem like fire when she and Branch were sneaking into the castle). Trolls can also change the color of their hair, as the Snack Pack was able to do this when they used their hair as a makeshift wig for Bridget the Bergen.


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