Lately I have been thinking about adopting this wiki. If you do not know what "Adopting a wiki" is then I will explain. By the way, I'm not that great at explaining so sorry if you don't understand. For example if a wiki had no active admins or bureaucrats and wanted to become a admin or bureaucrat they would request to adopt the wiki and if it passed then they would become one but if it didn't pass then they wouldn't.

I noticed that the founder of this wiki, Cartoonexpert is inactive and from what I know they have disabled their account so no one can delete pages, move pages, block people, unblock people, ban people, unban people etc.

I think I would do a good job as a admin or bureaucrat because I am very active on wikia and in my opinion I edit a lot. Currently I have 335 edits. I also have experience with being an admin as I am a admin for the Animal Jam Wiki.  I do think I am responsible and I also think I am friendly, I am always willing to help out and answer questions.

I would like to hear what you all think in the comments. I'll wait a week for comments, and if I don't get any then I'll will just go ahead and make one.

NOTE: I decided to go ahead and make a request for adopting the wiki.

Thank you very much for reading this.